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All Natural Sun Protector SPF 27

All Natural Sun Protector SPF 27

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Moran. My kids love it My kids hate putting on sunscreen, but this stuff is awesome. It not only smells great, but also is easy for kids to apply themselves. They no longer complain when I ask them to put it on. Plus its all natural ingredients which makes me feel good about putting it on them. A must for young kids!
Estele. Best SPF ever We love the SPF stick. My kids happily put it on themselves, and they love the scent.
The oval shaped container is prefect for spreading evenly and having with you always, and the fact that it is all natural, is another
bonus four our family. Stock up for the summer for sure!
Alisha. I really like the smell of this sunblock. It seems to work well. It is a little greasy at first but it soaks in after a few minutes. Overall, I really like this product!