Testimonials - Why do customers love our eco products?

I have a STEAMBOAT and a JACKSON Tote. The Steamboat is a great little bag to take poolside; perfect size for your lotions, iPod, and sunglasses! The Jackson tote is extremely practical, comfortable, and spacious. I absolutely love it! Its design patterns make it versatile, you can take it to the park or the beach, or as your day to day tote. I have used it while on vacation in Mexico, and to work in NYC.

Alba Polsley. New York, New York

I bought two Wearearth Tote bags and they are fantastic! They are durable, colorful, affordable and very fashionable. I use them all the time, the fabric is flexible and they can fit into your suitcase. I use my bags for travel, shopping, day trips and much more. I love the many pockets, it makes it easy to organize everything. The bags rarely get dirty and if they do they are easy to clean. I need to buy more!

Joy Koller. Boston, MA.

Of the dozens of Wearearth Tote products I hoard, My current favorite is, coincidentally, the Chicago. I use it for the gym because it allows my gear to breathe. I'm currently coveting The Princeton.

Jennifer Smith. Chicago, IL.

I absolutely love my Wearearth Tote bags. Currently I own three - or is it four! My beach bag is my favorite. The multitude of pockets are so handy! I keep them filled with everything I need for the beach. No digging in a bag looking for things because the small stuff is packed in the pockets. My computer tote is not only functional but super good looking and unique. The purse I use goes with me everywhere. The colors work with almost every outfit I wear! And my big weekender bag just rocks. Holds a ton of stuff and is chic too! I love the tote colors, durability, usability and mostly the fact they are recyclable plastic therefore helping the world. A girl couldn't ask for more!

Marissa Barker. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Durable and adorable! I received my first WearEarth Tote as a gift and it has been well loved ever since! It is super sturdy and holds its shape even after lugging home groceries. The material is water resistant and easy to keep clean with just soap and water. The only problem with these bags is that there are so many pretty designs and colors that I want them all!

Michele Kinnon. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Me encanta mi bolsa Tote, ligera, resistente, muy bonita, me siento bien llevando algo que ayuda al medio ambiente y lo mejor es que al dejar pasar la luz, puedo encontrar mis llaves muy facilmente!! I love my Tote bag, light, resistant, and very pretty, I feel good carrying something that helps the environment, and the best thing is that since it lets light through I can find my keys very easily =)!

Claudia Hurtado Valenzuela. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I love my WearEarth Tote! I have it now since end of 2009 and it is still in great condition. I use it as a grocery shopping bag and as beach bag, 2 in 1 basically. It is colorful and I get quiet often asked where I bought it. It is one of my favorite bags I have, and now that I think about it, I should get a 2nd one!

Gabi Waldert. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I use my tote primarily for beach days. With two enthusiastic boys, beach days require toys, toys, and more toys. My tote is large enough to carry all the toys I need and allows sand to drain out appropriately. I love my tote suggest every mother owns one. Also, I use it at the grocery store, over nights, and to carry my laptop. It is durable and everlasting; I'm hoping to pick up a second tote soon.

Carolyn Dunleavy . Chicago, IL

I have a four year old tote bag I am still using. The size is perfect for the beach, or an overnight bag. I especially love the outside pockets. My daughter and daughter in law use the bags as diaper bags. When they drop their babies off, I do not have to dig around for diapers, bottles, bibs etc' the totes are very strong. I gave my nurses a tote for nurses week and they loved the different patterns and they use them going to and from the hospital. I also feel good about recycling.

Pat Vaughan. Chicago, IL

I loooove my tote, I can fit all my teaching supplies and lap top into the Jackson Tote. Everyone I go to school with asks me where I got, and everyone I've gotten a tote for loves them as well. WearEarth rocks my world!!!

Abby G. Flagstaff, AZ

I love the recyclable totes I've ordered from WearEarth! The totes are not only really cute, they are so practical. I love the Jackson Tote as it has loads of side pockets! For the beach, I have pockets for a water bottle, sun screen, cell phone, camera, Chap Stick, etc. I love that I don't have to dig around for my stuff!!! The totes make great gifts! I've purchased many of the different styles & all my friends love them. They are beautiful, colorful, practical, durable & so easy to clean! Plus they help our Dear Earth!!

Maureen M. Chicago, IL